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Boost your mental fitness with matchFit

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Here at the SPRINT project, we recently collaborated with the Street Soccer Foundation on their brand new app matchFit, which has just been launched.

This new resource, which aims to support young people to boost their resilience, helps you to develop your mental and physical fitness through the use of mental skills. Acting as a central hub for information, support, and inspiration, the app covers important themes, such as mental health, resilience, motivation, behaviour, and mindset.

On the app, you can track your mood and make use of audio, video, reading, and practical exercises. You will also see lots of inspirational quotes to boost your motivation levels.

So download the app right now and spend 5 minutes a day working on your resilience and well-being.

To complement the app, you can also check out our own interactive pages. There, you can have a go at practising some key mental skills, such as coping, planning, goal-setting, strengths profiling, and emotional awareness.

As with all of our resources, we'd love to hear what you think. Which mental skills have you been working on recently? Let us know here, or catch us over on Twitter using #MSTtoolkit #MST4Life.

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