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What can sport psychology teach us about personal development?

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Have you had a listen to the SPRINT project’s very own Ben Parry in this week’s Street Soccer podcast?

In the podcast, Ben talks about his personal journey towards achieving his PhD and gives us some insight into the life lessons he’s learnt along the way; through taking part in sport and working within the field of sport psychology.

He gives lots of top tips on his experiences of self-development through sport, such as setting goals, being self-aware and learning from others.

The key takeaway message from the interview is that when it comes to personal development, it’s really important to be intentional with your time. Follow the lead of elite athletes. Use your time and energy wisely to work on your own development, so that you can understand yourself better, set goals, work towards them and achieve success!

For more information on the mental skills training resources mentioned in the podcast, you can download our free toolkit trilogy and check out our brand new interactive goal-setting page.

To learn more about the Street Soccer Foundation, visit their website where you can find lots of additional information on the work they do.


What are your favourite life lessons that have helped you to achieve success? We’d love to hear them in the comments section, or on Twitter using #MSTtoolkit #MST4Life


Cover image photo credit: Lesha on Reshot

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