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dr Ben parry

Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr Parry is a Post Doctoral Researcher at Clemson University in the USA. His research focuses on youth development leadership.


Dr Parry's PhD research in the SPRINT Project focused on the outcomes and processes involved in Positive Youth Development (PYD) programmes, such as MST4Life.

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Richard Whiting

Research Associate

Richard is a former Research Associate with the SPRINT Project and currently a Trainee Clinical Psychologist in the NHS.


Following his contribution to research at the University of Birmingham, he maintains an interest in applying strengths-based thinking and has developed expertise in analysing the beliefs, assumptions and contexts that underpin individual actions and models of service provision. He is particularly interested in systemic and community-based approaches and the genuine application of ethics.


Richard's doctoral thesis will focus on child and family mental health, aiming to integrate mainstream and critical approaches to notions of prevention.

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Dr saul shrom

Founder and Owner of Centre Court Mental Performance

Dr Shrom is the founder and owner of Centre Court Mental Performance. Here, he works with individuals and teams in sport and business to produce high-performance and wellbeing. 

Dr Shrum's PhD research in the SPRINT Project focused on the role that a tennis players’ environment has on their ability to successfully transition into the professional game.

Dr sam cooley

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Cooley has recently completed his Clinical Psychology training and he now works as a Clinical Psychologist.


Dr Cooley's research in the SPRINT Project focused on helping to develop, deliver and evaluate the MST4Life and associated programmes.

Dr Mark Holland

Senior Lecturer

Dr Holland teaches at Newman University in the field of sports science.


Dr Holland has an interest in how mental skills training can support people's well-being.

Circle and Line
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