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Welcome to our Interactive Tools page.

Due to the challenging times we find ourselves in, we wanted to bring you a collection of accessible and engaging resources that you can use online to develop your resilience and well-being.


We have created a series of interactive tools to give you the opportunity to have a go at some of our mental skills training resources. These tools teach a variety of strengths-based techniques that we know are important for developing psychological resilience.

Just as an elite athlete trains and learns mental skills techniques to improve their performance and look after their well-being, you too can build your resilience by practising similar techniques.

Mental skills are like muscles that we can exercise, getting stronger the more we practise.

How to use this page...

You might want to note down your answers as you explore each tool below,  either on your phone, or using a pen and paper. Remember that the answers you give can't be saved on the website.

As these resources deal with topics that may sometimes be stressful, it's a good idea to go through the interactive pages with someone you trust, if you feel that you might need some additional support.


As with all of our resources, we'd love to hear your feedback.


Which one is your favourite?


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