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Welcome to our dissemination page. Here you can find information, links and resources concerning our academic and non-academic research dissemination activities.




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Here you can find information about recent academic conferences that our team members have attended, and links to our recent academic publications.



When we attend academic conferences we present our research findings and learn about new research that is being completed at different universities around the world. Tap on the images below to read blog posts about academic conferences that the team have attended recently.

Maria Kolitsida, British Psychological Society conference.

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Kirsty Brown, GAMeS International Mental Health & Sport conference.


Georgia Bird, North American Society for the Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity conference



Pre-registrations and Protocols


Brown, K. R., Quinton, M. L., Tidmarsh, G., & Cumming, J. (2023). Athletes’ access to, attitudes towards and experiences of help-seeking for mental health: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open, 13:e062279.


Bird, G., Cumming, J., & Quinton, M. (2021). A systematic review of performance and mental health correlates of emotion regulation in sport.


Cumming, J., & Quinton, M. L. (2023). Developing imagery ability in esport athletes using layered stimulus response training. Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity, 18(s1), 20220024.

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Tidmarsh, G., Whiting, R., Thompson, J. L., & Cumming, J. (2022). Assessing the fidelity of delivery style of a mental skills training programme for young people experiencing homelessness. Evaluation and Program Planning, 94, 102150.

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Tidmarsh, G., Thompson, J. L., Quinton, M. L., Parry, B. J., Cooley, S. J., & Cumming, J. (2022). A platform for youth voice in MST4Life: A vital component of process evaluations. Sport Exerc. Psychol. Rev, 17, 73-86.

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Cumming, J., Clarke, F. J., Holland, M. J., Parry, B. J., Quinton, M. L., & Cooley, S. J. (2022). A feasibility study of the My Strengths Training for Life™(MST4Life™) program for young people experiencing homelessness. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(6), 3320.

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Parry, B. J., Quinton, M. L., Holland, M. J., Thompson, J. L., & Cumming, J. (2021). Improving outcomes in young people experiencing homelessness with My Strengths Training for Life™(MST4Life™): A qualitative realist evaluation. Children and Youth Services Review, 121, 105793.


Parry, B.J., Thompson, J.T., Holland, M.J.G., Quinton, M.L., & Cumming, J. (2020). Improving outcomes in young people experiencing homelessness with My Strengths Training for LifeTM (MST4LifeTM): A qualitative realist evaluation. Children and Youth Services Review, 121, 105793.

Cooley, S.J., Quinton, M.L., Holland, M.J.G., Parry, B.J., & Cumming, J. (2019). The experiences of homeless youth when using strengths profiling to identify their character strengths. Frontiers. 

Cooley, S. J., Eves, F. E., Cumming, J., & Burns, V.E. (2018). “Hitting the ground running”: preparing groups for outdoor learning using a theoretically-based video. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.

Book chapters

Cumming, J., Bird, G., Brown, K., Kolitsida, M., & Quinton, M. (2023). Imagery. In D. Todd, K. Hodge, V. Krane (Eds.). Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology (pp. 543-552). Routledge.

Cumming, J., Skeate, A., & Templeton, J. (2018). Psychologically informed environment: enhancing St Basils’ homeless services for young people. In J. Stewart & Z. Lynch (Eds), Environment Health and Housing: Issues for Public Health (pp. 31-32). Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge.

Cumming, J., & Cooley, S. (2018). Mental health and the homeless: summary of MST4Life. In J. Stewart & Z. Lynch (Eds), Environment Health and Housing: Issues for Public Health (pp. 32-33). Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge.

Holland, M. J. G., Cooley, S. J., & Cumming, J. (2017). Identifying, measuring, and facilitating psychological skill development. In C. Knight, C. Harwood, & D. Gould (Eds.), Sport Psychology for Young Athletes.  Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge.


Quinton, M., Tidmarsh, G., Bird, G. A., Reynard, S., & Cumming, J. (2023). Extending knowledge translation of the mental skills toolkit beyond homeless services: Co-creating the matchFit app. Birmingham, UK: Authors

Clarke, F.J., Quinton, M., Parry, B., Fenton, S.-J., & Cumming, J. (2020). Closing the knowledge to practice gap: Advancing strengths-based practice in youth homeless services through co-created knowledge translation. Birmingham, UK: Authors.

Whiting, R. J. Quinton, M. L., & Cumming, J. (2019). Transitions out of care for looked after children with multiple and complex needs: A literature review.  A report published by the University of Birmingham, UK: Authors.

Whiting, R. J., Cooley, S. J., Thomas, S., Quinton, M. L., & Cumming, J. (2019).  Transforming pathways out of care for 16/17 year olds: An evaluation report for the LGA children’s efficiency project.  A report published by the University of Birmingham, UK: Authors.

Cooley, S. J., Ridyard, S., Skeate, A., & Cumming, J. (2018).  Parenting young people: A scoping review of existing parenting interventions. A report published by the University of Birmingham, UK: Authors.

Cumming, J., Quinton, M. L., Cooley, S. J., Parry, B. J., Whiting, R., & Holland, M. J. G. (2018).  St Basils transformational model of youth services: Process evaluation.  A report published by the University of Birmingham, UK: Authors.

See project lead Prof Jenn Cumming's website for a more extensive list of academic publications

Book chapters


Here you can find information about recent public engagement activities that we have participated in and supported. You can also access links to policy documents and guidelines that have been informed by the work conducted within the SPRINT Project.

Public engagement


Find out about our recent public engagement activities below.

As part of the public exhibition 'A Place to Call Home' at the Exchange in Birmingham where you can explore our MST4Life work with St Basils, we have recently conducted a number of public engagement events. These included a public lecture by Dr Mary Quinton, an emotion awareness family workshop led by Dr Grace Tidmarsh and Dr Mary Quinton, and a poetry workshop led in collaboration with BDT Poetry Workshops.


Tap on the video icons to watch YouTube videos from the events!


You can visit the exhibition from the 18th February – 28th October 2023, 10:00–16:00, Monday - Saturday.

Emotion Awareness Family workshop

IMG_20230307_160726 (1).jpg
poetry workshop.jpg

Poetry workshop

Public lecture


Tap on the picture to read a blog about an EuniWell science communication workshop that PhD Researcher Georgia recently attended in Nantes, France.

You can also watch Georgia's YouTube video where she describes her research here.

Here is another example of how our research has been disseminated to the public, at the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.

Click on the link for more information.

esrc festival_edited_edited.png

ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

Policy & guidance


Below are some more examples of our research being evaluated, and cited in policy and guidance briefs.

Find out about how our work has informed policy and guidance.


St Basils Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) Symposium 2018

Click on the link to learn about how our research with St Basils has informed guidance for working with young people experiencing homelessness.

Mental skills training toolkit policy brief

A policy briefing describing the Mental Skills Training Toolkit trilogy and how these resources may help in the context of COVID-19.

Cost benefit analysis.jpg

This evaluation was conducted by Birmingham Business School, which examined the extent to which the MST4Life (and BOOST) programme has changed the trajectories of homeless young people who were NEET, and the cost benefit of these programmes.

Policy jpeg.jpg
MST4Life policy briefing

A policy briefing describing the background and impact of the MST4Life programme

LGA report.jpg

This report represents the findings of the evaluation for the Transforming Pathways out of Care pilot project.

LGA literature review.jpg

This literature review aims to provide
context for the pilot evaluation of a
supported housing pathway for care leavers
with multiple and complex needs.

PYP report.jpg
Hospital staff
experiences of working with and parenting young people

This report describes findings and recommendations from an employee survey into job-related well-being and the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust Parenting Young People (PYP) programme workshops designed to support employees with parenting responsibilities or
who work with young adults.

housing LIN MST4Life case study

An overview of the novel approach taken by the MST4Life is provided in this case study published by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network


St Basils, a youth homelessness charity, published this guidance to help organisations better support young people who have had involvement with the criminal justice system, including reference to delivery of MST4Life as part of their transformational services

Closing the employment gap for young people

The MST4Life is featured in this toolkit as an example of best practice in helping young people, particularly those experiencing common mental health problems, to gain and stay in work.

youth homeless ovo_edited_edited.png
Youth Homelessness in the UK: A Review for the OVO Foundation

An influential review of homelessness research that mentions the MST4Life programme 

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