Sports Psychology Research In New Territories

Have you tried out our brand new interactive if/then tool yet? Just launched, Fiona J. Clarke talks us through its main features in the video below.
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We have just launched a series of infographics showcasing our favourite grounding techniques! Created by Fiona J. Clarke, these handy resources can help you to slow down, become more self-aware and develop skills to cope with stress and anxiety, especially in response to COVID-19.


We are an experienced team of applied academics at the University of Birmingham interested in applying techniques and methods derived from sports psychology to novel contexts.

We're particularly interested in getting communities involved in research and turning knowledge into action.

Meet our research team and learn more about who we are

What we do

Our research originates in sports psychology and work with athletes.


However, our research has expanded to incorporate new territories such as the  health, well-being and social inclusion of homeless young people (see our Impacts page).


We also help our partners conduct high-quality research (see our Projects page for examples)






School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

University of Birmingham

Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT


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