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Welcome to our new subscribers!

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Today we are saying a big HELLO to our new SPRINT Project subscribers and inviting further subscribers to join us!

Subscribing to our content is free and easy and allows you to access and find out about our research and related updates. So, if you’re a recent subscriber, or you haven’t yet signed up but want to find out more, read on to hear about the interesting content and information that subscribers can access.

What kind of research does the SPRINT Project do?

Here in the SPRINT Project, we pride ourselves on conducting impactful research. We seek to answer timely questions drawn from topics of sport, dance, disadvantage, and mental health; and create, evaluate, and translate interventions to empower individuals to improve their lives.

How can I subscribe?

To subscribe to the SPRINT Project website, simply fill in the brief subscription form at the bottom of this page (see screenshot below).

Image description: Screenshot of SPRINT Project website subscribe and contact section.

What do I get if I subscribe?

Subscribers receive a weekly blog post update direct to their email inbox. Our blog posts are as diverse as our research, so you’re sure to learn something new or access interesting information to share with colleagues or friends and family.

See below for a snapshot of the content on our website:

  • Check out our projects page, where you can read about the different research we have done, and the new research that we are starting, such as programmes to support disadvantaged young people and new digital technology applications!

  • Here is our impact page, which focuses on the impact of our collaborative work with charity partners St Basils, who support young people at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

  • Our dissemination page allows you to access our recent publications and find out about our public engagement activities!

  • On our toolkit page you can read, hear about, and access our Mental Skills Training toolkits, which were developed to support young people who are at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

  • Access our resources page and interactive tools page where you can find documents and links to free resources, grounded in the work we have conducted with St Basils.

  • Finally, our about us page lets you meet the researchers, past and present, who conduct the research in the SPRINT Project!


We hope that you will enjoy finding out about the SPRINT Project and join us as we continue to conduct and share our research!


Written by Dr Sally Reynard, Research Associate in the SPRINT Project.

Photo credit: Canva and the SPRINT Project.

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