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We are excited to expand the reach and impact of our MST Toolkits and My Strengths Training for Life™ by translating them into the digital space. Below you can find an overview of our ongoing collaborative work and links to associated resources.


get ahead mindset

We recently announced our partnership with digital application start-up company Get Ahead Mindset.


This collaboration will focus on the creation of a new on-demand, evidence-based sport psychology smartphone app. The app will be aimed at individuals who take part in sport and exercise at all levels, and will place a focus on the implementation of digital mental skills training.


Find out more about our partnership with Get Ahead Mindset by reading our announcement blog here. 

The team at Get Ahead Mindset have been working hard behind the scenes to integrate components of our MST Toolkits at the heart of the app. Check out Get Ahead's website here, where you can find out more about the team and their work.


We will soon be completing an early evaluation of the Getahead app. Watch this space to find out how you can get involved!

getahead_deviceframes (10).png


During the COVID-19 pandemic we worked with award winning sport-for-change charity Street Soccer and youth homelessness charity St Basils to integrate our My Strengths Training for Life™ (MST4Life™) into a smartphone app called matchFit.

The matchFit app was aimed at young people experiencing homelessness in the UK at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Through our partnership with Street Soccer and St Basils, we were able to find out how best to train mental skills via an app, and share our findings with other community-focused organisations.

Our key findings related to the importance of co-creation, app design and content considerations when translating MST4Life™ to the digital space. In addition, digital poverty and safeguarding concerns were highlighted as key factors to consider when creating mental health focused apps with those experiencing homelessness.

Tap on the PDF icon to download our report on the creation of the matchFit app and associated community organisation knowledge sharing events.

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