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Conference abstracts accepted!

This week we are excited to share more successes from the SPRINT Project team!  

Dr Mary Quinton, Dr Grace Tidmarsh, and PhD Researcher Maria Kolitsida were recently informed that abstracts they had written have been accepted for presentation at upcoming academic conferences.  


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Mary and Grace will both be presenting at the International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, held on the 30th July to the 1st August in Bath, UK; and Maria will be presenting at the Annual Dance Science and Medicine Symposium, held on the 10th to the 12th May in Wolverhampton, UK. 

Conferences are a great way for researchers to share the findings of their research, find out more about research that other people are doing in similar and different topics; as well as network, build future collaborations and explore new places! 


So, what research will Mary, Grace and Maria be presenting? 

Maria will present her PhD work which focuses on how dance teachers in private dance schools respond to self-harm in their students, with other named authors including Dr Anna Lavis, Erin Sanchez, and Prof Jennifer Cumming. This work is funded by an ESRC DTP collaborative PhD Studentship in partnership with One Dance UK and the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS).  


You can read a related blog post written by Maria here, where she highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on freelance dancers. 


Mary will present research from the Advancing Safe Research for Researchers' Mental Health Project, which highlights the increasing research focus on sensitive topics in sport and exercise sciences, such as mental health, and the need for practical guidance to enable researchers to carry out this work safely. 

Find out more about this project in a recent blog post here, where the project and its collaborators are introduced. 


Grace will present research from her ESRC Post Doctoral Research Fellowship, which focuses on the use of public engagement, creative methods, and interdisciplinary collaboration to challenge public perceptions of homelessness and associated stigma through poetry. 

You can find out more about the My Strengths Training for Life™ project here, which this work stemmed from. You can also read this blog, which describes the recent public engagement activities in detail. 


Watch this space for further blog posts about the conferences that Maria, Grace, and Mary will be presenting at and their related research! 


Image credit: Canva.

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