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NEW policy briefing to support the well-being and employability of marginalised young people

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

We have launched a new policy brief on our dssemination tab (or download directly below) around our Mental Skills Training toolkit trilogy: 3 strengths-based resources co-designed by researchers at the University of Birmingham with St Basils, a West Midlands housing charity, Youth Voice, and homeless charity Homeless Link.

Mental Skills Training toolkit briefing
Download • 2.44MB

You can also view and download the toolkits using the Toolkit tab.

The brief outlines how the launch of the toolkits earlier this year is timely, given the projected impact of COVID-19 and the increasing need for evidence-based resources to support the well-being and employability of marginalised young people, and aid recovery from the pandemic.

The brief will be disseminated to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, plus senior government ministers and officials through the University of Birmingham’s policy team.

To get the latest news from the SPRINT project, follow our Twitter hashtags #MSTtoolkit #MST4Life


Interested in learning more about our strengths-based resources for working with young people? You can check out all three of our toolkits, have a go at our new interactive emotional awareness page and have a look through our other free resources.


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