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University Dance Students’ Mental Health and Well-being

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Dance has the potential to protect its participants against mental health difficulties and enhance well-being. However, dancers can experience poor well-being and mental health difficulties due to a multitude of contributing and influencing factors.

A specific dance population where there are still many unknowns about their experiences of mental health, well-being, and outcomes are university dance students. So, we would like to find out more.

The SPRINT Project's Emma Morgan is currently looking for university dance students to take part in this research study. To get your university dance students to participate or for more information, get in touch with Emma by email or @EmmaM_Dance.

Emma is a part-time second-year PhD Student at the University of Birmingham. She is also a Freelance Dance Practitioner with a 13-year teaching portfolio in various educational settings.

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